Monday, June 22, 2009

Golf Club Project

It's been busy around here. Graduation, relatives, sickness...and this project. Finally the drawings for the country club are finished and I can move on to 'real art'. Well, at least the art that I find more enjoyable, although this was a fun challenge.

I used markers on toned paper, gouache, one oil painting and here are some samples. There were ten pieces in all and double that number of preparatory drawings. I found a number of challenges. The drawings had to be larger in size than I usually do and everything had to be 'out of my head', even though I did have some reference photos. The photos only served for a few minutes of the initial sketch in and after that were no help. If there is a 'next time', and it looks as if there will, the process I'll use will be different.

Tomorrow it's off to Montana and oil painting in the great outdoors. I'll post again when I get back....about two weeks.

Keep drawing. Keep painting. Keep laughing.