Friday, August 5, 2016

When There is No Time to Paint

We didn't have much Time.....
.....before we had to pick up the dog.  I had driven to Missoula to visit my good friend Bob Phinney.  We both wanted to paint but it wasn't going to work out.  Dogs to walk, young kids to tag along and I had to leave at a certain time to make it back up to our cabin.

So we went out painting.  While you might refer to it as 'drawing', it feels more like painting to me because I'm more focused on composition, large forms and the general relationship and feeling of things....only it doesn't involve a brush very much.  It's a distinction that may be my own point of view but I've read some articles that talk about those differences and it makes sense.

Here are a couple more done this last week that I think of more in the 'painting' realm.  It's a distinction of state of mind rather than tool choice.  Sharpie ultra fine marker, three values of valued marker and some white gouache.

Thanks for looking!  I'll be looking forward to showing you more.


  1. Nice technique on the toned paper- especially the top one. I like working on toned paper myself, and enjoy seeing the techniques others use with it.

  2. These are lovely. What paper are you using? I really like the tan background. It looks like it takes the gouache well?

  3. I love these! And I appreciate reading about this way of quick painting. Thanks.


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