Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gouache Practice

Greetings from the coast of Maine.  I'm here to paint and to attend a workshop with Colin Page....which has just ended.  A rejuvenating experience with a group of good painters.

Before the workshop I did half a dozen gouache studies of whatever caught my attention while sitting by lake McGunticook.  Just playing around with color without the complication of oils.

Gouache is such a nice medium.  Quick studies can happen easily and, since they work almost like oils I find them a great substitute when I don't want to set up an easel.  Each of these is about half or a third of my sketchbook page in size and so are personal and intimate studies. 

By the way.  Maine goes from summer to cold Fall in about two weeks.....but it is so beautiful and around every corner is something to paint, which is what this next week is about.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awaiting High Tide, 11x14

Heading out on a Costco run I made it less than a mile before having to stop and paint.  I came around a corner and there it was.  All I had to do was walk two blocks down the beach in mud and seaweed, set up my gear and proceed to drop paper towels, paint and brushes in the muck.  It was a great time.

An hour later I was off to shop with wet muddy feet, but also a good feeling of having painted.  Even when I bomb it feels better than not having done it.....(maybe just a little better).

Here is a link to a Seattle sketcher and artist, Gabi Capanario....and a video about him.   Because the scenes he draws are so familiar (well, if you live in Seattle) it is extra fun to see what he did with them.  There is a lot to look at here and even a Google map link to several of the places he drew and you can see the actual scenes.

I'll try to get another post in before leaving for Maine....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ragland Sunset, 20x24

Windjammer.  Just the name is cool.  It carries with it a spirit of adventure, history, far-away places, grace and power.  Why didn't my parents name me that?

In case you missed it in the last post, this is Neil Young's boat.  I think I saw him under the tarp waving at me.  Either it was him or a seagull.

Painting larger pieces on location is so energizing.  If it weren't for all the heavy equipment to haul for half a mile, I'd do it all the time.  The amazing thing is this took only fifteen minutes longer than the 11x14 of a few days ago.....just used a larger brush.  I like the way this turned out....but if I did it again I would....