Thursday, July 31, 2014

McNab Marina....and others

Failure, rejection and defeat....

                               (This post was added a few weeks ago but didn't show up on Blogger  so I'm re-posting it.  Sometimes the computer gods are mystifying.)

.....have been some of the best influences on me.  Just when I'm ready to throw in the towel forever and for good, something comes along that clicks me back into the game.  As long as I'm willing to say 'yes' to it, I get somewhere exciting.

This happened when I stumbled onto drawing with valued markers.


By simplifying form and detail, the markers allowed me to pay more attention to  design and story.  Using them I could 'paint' when I didn't have brushes....just some paper would do.   And then I blundered into toned papers and a white pen or gouache.....

So when I was casting around for how to teach a beginning artist how to see conceptually these techniques came to mind.  She is going on the Italy trip and I wanted her to experience loads of success in the easiest way possible.

Anyway, just when I needed inspiration in this direction, my friend Kathy Weber posted some recent drawings she had done, and I got what I needed.  Here is one of Kathy's drawings and I've linked her name to her blog so you can see the rest.  I hope she doesn't mind my sharing this pic.


Notice how simply and beautifully stated her shapes are and how economical her description of form.  Beautiful.  The strong feeling of light flowing into a quiet room is very nice.....but those foreshortened feet anchoring her to the floor are terrific.  Thanks, Kathy.

So, as examples, I did several more and here are a couple of them.

Just Keep Drawing.......

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wall Flowers, 12x14

It began with eggs.

Specifically, our friend Nancy calling to see if I wanted some.  I said 'Sure', so she said come over and get them but I'll be gone and could you please let the dog out?

Well, Noelle and Bella are the best of buddies in a 'tear around the garden and get as dirty as possible' kind of, sure, I could do that. 

As they were enjoying themselves and the dirt I decided to do a painting, and here are the progression photos.  It's on Arches Oil Paper taped to a board.  I've been experimenting with some different blues and used them on this piece.

The subject plant and basket was just a source for inspiration so you'll see lots of differences if you are looking for a photographic likeness.  However, if you are instead looking for a painting, this is what it made me do. 

I hope to get a better photo later.

 Here is the source:

No pre-drawing on this one, just color block-in from the start:

 Beginning development of forms:
Tape removed to check color: 
 Refining the forms....almost finished:
 It took about 75 minutes and was entertaining to do.  The warm/cool color changes were fun.  The piece already has a new owner. 

That one spot available for the Italy trip is still hanging open....hint, hint....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

John Deere, 24x24

When I was two I drove my first tractor....

....and I've loved them ever since.  My grandfather used to drive his around the orange groves visiting his Mexican neighbors and friends with me on his lap.  Those memories are vivid.

This one has sat in a Roslyn, WA field for at least the last 4 years or more.  It began as a field study posted below.  The buildings, the tractor and the bank in back weren't exactly canted as much as you see here but it seemed to work better with the raking shadows of those trees .....that you only see the shadows of.

Delivering about a dozen paintings tomorrow to the Roslyn Fest being held this weekend.  And after delivery we will find a cool mountain place and.....get this.....paint.

There is one spot open for the trip to Italy.  It's not too late to be adventurous and have a blast painting and drawing.....or eating and sleeping, take your pick.  Winslow Art Center has all the details.