Thursday, September 8, 2016

Counting Your Strokes

Tim Deibler.....
......came to town the weekend before last.  Since he stayed at our home I got to tag along during his workshop (which I would have taken anyway because he is such a knowledgeable and accomplished painter).  Pictured above are 12 of the 13 paintings (gave one away) I did that weekend....but here's how:

Tim challenged everyone to do paintings in fewer than 100 strokes.  A 'stroke' is every time the brush hits the canvas until it leaves.  If you can cover the whole sky without lifting the brush, that's one stroke.  If you put a tiny dot in representing a buoy, that's one stroke.  A challenge, and also a release because for most of the painting experience it is a concentration on simply stating large shapes and their proper relationships.

Here are a couple at a larger size with the number of strokes noted below:
54 strokes

57 strokes
96 strokes
It was an expanding experience during some unusual August rain, wind and cold...but the company of other dedicated painters made it a rewarding experience.  Tim is a good teacher who never seems to run out of energy.  Study with him if you get the chance.

Thanks for reading.

Off to Idaho....back later, hopefully with some new paintings.