Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tim Deibler

Award Winning Painting by Tim Deibler
Wonderful artist, terrific teacher, and....
.....all around nice guy, is how I would quickly describe Tim Deibler.  His website is HERE.  He is also a devoted family man with his hands in lots of pots, supporting his family in all ways.

Tim was in town again this last Spring and we got to talking about art and significant milestones in our skills.  Several times he said that my book 'Value Sketching With Markers' has, for him, been one of those milestones.  Every night for the last three years he has drawn in a sketchbook with them before falling to sleep.  Using his laptop and YouTube videos he has paused the vids and drawn from the screen.

I don't remember everything he told me but my memory says he has filled about 30 sketchbooks and gone through 25 bottles of refill liquid.  That's a LOT of drawing.

Doing this daily activity he says that his drawing skills are now where he always wished they had been and he can put a line or stroke down and be confident it is where and what he wants it to be.  No hesitation.  Fully confident in his skills.

I believe him.  Take a look at his work.

Now to have someone of Tim's ability and stature compliment your book is impressive....even if I'm still having to stretch to believe that it has helped him that much.  Ah, shucks.

He had a sketchbook along and allowed me to take a few shots.  He was working on figures, specifically the figure in dance (his daughter teaches and performs ballet).  Here are a small fraction  of the pages from just this one book.

Now, remember that these are just what he does to play around with ideas before falling to sleep.  They aren't meant for public consumption....until I twisted his arm for permission to post a few of them. 

 He also uses marker and pen to sketch around and explore landscape ideas, which he is best known for.

Just look at this latest piece from his website.  Absolutely stunning composition and close valued execution.  If this is what he has been able to accomplish by drawing nightly with markers then.....well, I think I have to begin myself!  ....and I wrote the book!

Thank for looking!  (and take a look at Tim's website....)