Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ollie and Austin

A Great Way to Begin a New Year.... to get to paint three very interesting young men, all in a transformational place in their lives.  Unfortunately I gave away one of the paintings before I got a shot of it.  Perhaps I'll be able to get it later.....but here are two.

'Ollie' is 20x24 and 'Austin' is 6x14.

Ollie is a terrific musician on piano, guitar and drums and is off to study in one of my favorite cities, Boston.  He is also one of those people who is easy to engage in interesting conversation.  The book he was reading was something about Quantum Physics and Jazz.  Well over my head but it kept him engaged for two hours so I could paint him.

Austin is a professional online gamer (people make a living doing that??  Evidently.) and often gets recognized walking down the street by followers of the game (it has spectators??...and groupies??  Evidently.).  I don't remember the game he uses but I'll always remember him as his intelligence and sense of humor is striking and somewhat bizarre....right down my alley.  The painting is from a Facebook posting, not life.  I seldom paint from photos but couldn't resist this one.

Thanks for looking.  I just photographed several recent paintings so I'll be back soon.