Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gouache Workshop 2015

Today was the Winslow Art Center Gouache Workshop and.....

.....some of you were able to be there to create beautiful pieces of art.  We got a wall full of paintings and didn't even get them all up for the photo.

This was the demo I did to help cement the concept of painting the big shapes before putting in the 'do-dads'....and using a big brush.  Except for the four individual grapes, the whole painting was done with a one inch flat.  Everyone seemed to get the idea because the last paintings of the day were definitely strong artistic statements.

Here is the wall full of color:

Such a committed crew.....even if they had a hard time pronouncing 'gouache'.  


  1. What wonderful outcomes! Wish I lived in your area and had the opportunity to see your demo. You have made gouache very "painterly", and I love the effects!!

  2. I was happy to be a part of your workshop Darrell, and I enjoyed working with gouache for the first time ever. I love that you can do washes like watercolor, and alternatively paint more opaque with saturated color. I love that it dries so fast and can be reworked. Using the larger brush taught me to slow down and paint more carefully. Your demo is amazing. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.


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