Friday, June 24, 2011

Ferry Tales

OK.  No, it's not a painting.....but I want to tell you a story and this is the only visual I've got from it.  You see, last night we were coming back from painting and racing for the ferry when the police stopped us.

Well, they really stopped a whole line of cars because they were filming a chase scene through the streets of I missed the ferry.  This couple sat across from me in the terminal waiting for the next boat.  I only had a pen and one marker, but no paper.  So I scavenged in the paper recycling and found something passable.  It sort of reminds me of Don Colley's work.  Sitting across from them was a young man slouched down who looked like a hold over from the beat generation.

Getting on the ferry, I went upstairs to be followed a few minutes later by that young man.  He sat down with his head lowered and I went about my business.  Soon the sounds of a blues harmonica began filling the outdoor room, echoing off the metal walls.  Into his music, I couldn't catch his eye so I let him fill my ears with what became the absolutely best and most creative blues harmonica I have ever heard.

The concert continued for the whole ride and only when we were getting off did I get to talk to him and thank him for the music and, did I forget to mention, the soulful singing.  Is he a professional musician?  Yes, sort of.  Is he a wandering minstrel?  Yes, sort of.  How does he make a living?

He works for the Seattle Opera.


  1. Love it. Thanks Darrell. Makes me want to sketch on just any old paper.

  2. Love this. New paper pattern and your sketch is working harmoniously together.

  3. Great story! and I like the image. I love Don Colley's work, and found an old ledger at a flea market to copy him.

  4. This is the best kind of sketching!

    (from faye, through my daughter in law's computer...)

  5. Love this story! and the drawing.

  6. was his name Peter Lucier??? great story/drawing


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