Monday, February 27, 2017

Leftovers, 8x16

I had a few extra flowers.....
.....from a still life set up for one of my classes.  I brought them home, plopped them in an antique pitcher, walked by them for a couple of days and finally recognized that they could be interesting to paint.

So I pulled them out to the studio and set them on a shelf intending to add some other things for more  variety....and found out they already were interesting as they were.

I first painted the pitcher getting the light reflections balanced.  Then large areas of color were blocked in and carved into flower masses.  It's the perimeters of flowers that do most of the work in giving them the 'floweriness' they are on canvas.  Make an amorphous shape and then add what isn't 'flower' and you can get a long way toward making them convincing and interesting.  This works best with the varieties that have a round or globular shape like roses, carnations, dahlias, daisies.  'Bird of Paradise', not so well.

I've begun playing around with Indian Yellow.  Nice transparent color of low tinting strength and, when not overpowered by other hues in a mix (as it easily is), a very vibrant color.


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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Drawings from Italy

Sometime in the Dark Ages,....
....about 1100 A.D., a castle was built.  There has been a castle of varying sizes on the top of this Umbrian Hill to keep watch over the adjoining valleys and hills ever since.  Additions were added, a family church was constructed, wine was made and sheep were sheared.  The descendants of that original family still own it and live there part of the time.  In the earthquake area Northeast of Rome, it underwent a recent and major strengthening done in such a way that the architect owner had to point out to me the steel bars that were drilled through parts of the structure.  Just in time I think.

We had a 'over the top' meal in a remodeled back area.  Still a very rustic and authentic interior, it didn't hurt that a violinist kept us company while we stuffed our faces in multiple multiple multiple courses.  During one of the breaks in eating I had a chance to draw part of the table setting.  Several glasses of wine may have contributed to this effort.

We were staying at a farm near Orvieto.  I dragged the group for one day in the town spending our time sightseeing, drawing and, again, eating.  Here are just of couple of the pages from that day:

Cathedral Square

Market Square
All of my drawings are done in a 8.5x11 sketchbook I make myself from inexpensive but durable paper.  If you read this before I put in something about how to make your own sketchbook for markers, pencil, pen, gouache and (even) occasionally, oil paint, then check back.  I'll have a page on this blog or a link to those directions.

And, of course, there is always my marker book you can order.  Look on the blog for the page that gets you there.  There is a marker workshop coming up this be announced.

I'll be back with more.

Almost forgot.  The Winslow Art Center sponsors regular trips to various parts of Italy and soon, other areas of Europe.  Check out the Center's website HERE.

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