Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drummer, 24x30

Liz Wiltzen.  If you are an artist and don't know the name....you should.  Liz lives near Calgary and, among other things, is a wonderful painter.  Even better, the blog she writes always has something pithy and important to say.  Every time I visit it or see one of her new posts she is talking about something I was just thinking and puzzling about....and putting it into terms that make me rethink.  She has another blog and occupation which is equally interesting....but you can find that on your own once you visit her art blog.

This is one of those three hour portraits done by a whirling dervish....at least that's what I presume I look like when doing one this size in that amount of time.  I love painting this guy because he is such a great model and a nice person.  Here is a closeup if you care to see the brushwork:


My drawing class begins this Thursday and is open to anyone who has spent their life thinking they can't draw.  Sign up for this Thursday evening class and I'll spend five weeks proving to you that you are wrong....absolutely.  Contact the Winslow Art Center for details.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Stop, 10x12

The sun was just beginning to rake light across the snow when I climbed on top a bank left by the plow and began this one.  Less than an hour later there was only a hint of light remaining.  We left to go see about a glass of wine but, considering the drive back home across the pass, decided against it.....I still have that thirst (for painting and a glass).

Painting class, in oil, acrylic or gouache, begins Thursday at the Winslow Art Center.  Hope to see you there.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fred left. Didn't come back., 12x12

Sun and snow and lots to paint....what a great day!  Is there anything like intense light and color to improve a mood...and mine certainly needed this.

Help me.  This is a junkyard.  Why are used beaten up things so appealing to artists?  If this had been a new truck sitting in the snow I might have painted it....but I would have looked for something else first.  Is it the fact that so many stories are wrapped up in old things?  I mean, I'd rather paint a house from the 1890's than one built yesterday.  Of course, this theory doesn't work for fish.

Painting class begins this Thursday and I hear there are only a couple spots left.  We will be concentrating on painting from photos, exploring the pitfalls and solutions necessary to keep work fresh.  This will include several 'tricks' from the instructor....who has learned them the hard way.  Find out more at the Winslow Art Center.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Relaxed, 12x16

I love watercolor....and I greatly respect anyone who can do it well....which I don't think I do.  It takes more patience and thoughtfulness than I possess.  I think it's my ADD.

This portrait was an accident from a few years ago but I've always kind of liked it.  It was one of those 20 or 25 minute gesture pieces that pretty much painted itself.  Actually I was off getting coffee when my brush started in.  By the time I got back there wasn't much for me to do....luckily.  Think I lost that brush somewhere....

'Everyone Can Draw.  Yes, Even You' is the title of the drawing course I begin teaching at the end of the month.  This is learning to draw without the pain.  My courses are all 'no fail' courses.  Just having the courage and interest to show up makes you a success.  Find out more about this class and others at the Winslow Art Center site.