Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting New Ideas

Maybe three weeks ago.....
.....I took a workshop with Terry Miura.  After reading many, maybe all, of Terry's blog posts and looking at the paintings he's posted I developed an appreciation for his painting design and brushwork.  His mastery of the use of edges is evident in all his work but especially with the figure.  Periodically I need new input and he seemed a great choice.

These are a few of the pieces from those three days.  Terry is more of a tonal painter than I am.  So what's that, you ask?  There are differing definitions and, since I like mine the best, here it is.  A tonalist, when changing planes on a form, first asks 'what value is it?'.  A colorist first asks, 'what temperature (or color) is it?'.  There are lots of places on this kind of a spectrum.  I thought I might move myself more toward a tonalist for a while and see how it fit....but as hard as I tried I didn't go all that far.  I seem to always see color before value....but I gave it a try.

(Colors in the original are more intense)
Take a look at Terry's blog HERE.  You'll learn some things.  I ended up adding two pigments to my palette.

Upcoming workshop through the Winslow Art Center is called 'Blowing It Up', how to turn a days worth of sketches into a larger piece.  Find out more HERE.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Excellent post Darrell..Just as yours, my attempts to mimic more tonal approach would fail...Colorism and strong temperature shifts will always win..Thank you for the book and the sketchbook ..Love it...Trying to sketch every day now :) Happy Painting, E


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