Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out For The Winter, 16x20

Starship Enterprise.... what I think of every time I look at this painting.  I don't know why but all I see is the Enterprise moving across the television screen.  Beats me....I'm not in complete control here.

This is the last painting I did in Maine and, fittingly for someone from the Northwest, it was raining so I had to pack up during midpoint and head for shelter until it passed over.  The most difficult part was getting the dinghy convincingly drawn.  (It looked so simple.)  The colors in the blue of the boat were also a challenge but I think I like how it came out.  Makes it look like there was dancing light reflected off the puddle I was standing in.

I feel so lucky to stand around and play with paint.  The process continually amazes me.  Some hair tied to a stick, dip it in vegetable oil with some colored dirt thrown in....then put it on a piece of cloth stretched on some sticks.  Voila!  And you think you are looking at a boat.  How abstract is that??

I should begin to mention that I'll be teaching a marker workshop later this month at the Winslow Art Center....and, of course, the painting classes.


  1. Very exciting color, you made the blues absolutely sing!

  2. Very exciting color, you made the blues absolutely sing!

  3. The perspective of boats....Ah! Always a challenge for me! You pulled it off nicely here Darrell!....and the color sings! I've decided, next time I will stow away in the your trunk !..=]

  4. I enjoy reading your thoughts... along with looking at your beautiful paintings! Keep up the great work Darrell!


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