Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blakely Harbor Morning, 18x24

On the Sunday before last, the 3rd, I awakened early, heading out to the shore before the hub-bub of boat traffic got started.  The clouds were just beginning to break open and turn the day into a jewel.  I slapped on paint as fast as I could, trying to capture the light as it danced across the water, changing color and value by the minute.

This piece now sits on my studio floor.  I think it's finished....and yet we give each other the EYE when I'm in the room.  Someday I might figure out what is unsettling about this one.  In truth, for several hours after doing it I decided to again give up painting because the picture of what I wanted and what this was were not matching and I couldn't figure why not....still can't.

The next day at the 4th of July market I went into a booth and found a small scroll for sale with this quote from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:

Never give up
no matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
is spent developing the mind 
instead of the heart.
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
but to everyone.
Be compassionate.
Work for peace 
in your heart and in the world.
Never give up
No matter what is happening,
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up.

What is that saying about things occurring when you need them?  So, among other things, it inspired me to keep on painting.....


  1. You are way too hard on yourself. It is a beautiful painting and will always remind you of the experience and the beauty. I am not accomplished and don't make the time to become so but when I revisit my drawings and paintings I am always taken back to an experience or moment in my past life and find something about the piece that pleases me. Have you read, "The Undressed Art - Why We Draw" by Peter STeinhart? It is a good one. There is so much more to it than the end result.......I know you already know all this! Thanks, Darrell.

  2. My first reaction to this was "Wow! that's a real beauty"!...I think you captured an early morning atmosphere and light perfectly...The distant hills on the horizon are, well, distant... and magically rendered!...great job Darrell! Please don't quit!!

  3. I like the cool moodiness to this painting. The only thing that looks unfinished to me are the masts and (lines?) on the sailboats. They look like they are transparent and only sketched in.

  4. Stunning, Darrell--the Eagle Harbor painting!

  5. Dottie LeatherwoodJuly 17, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    I think you captured the light on the water quite well...and as for the "never give up" quote...I will have to print that out and post it on my corkboard next to your 8 things about making art! Love both!

  6. It's posts like these, that make me love this blog!

    Wonderful words to live by.

    Never give up. I'll remember that one.


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