Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bigfork Bob, 4x5

I've gotten so many supportive and insightful comments from 'On Quitting Painting' that I had to post something, even this etching from three years ago, to reassure you all that this is a plateau...not a quit.  Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Everyone in a creative pursuit periodically hits a wall and wants to shuck the whole thing.  Usually it just means a new stretch.  I think there is an incorporation lag between the thoughtful process of learning a new skill and being able to intuitively and naturally use those skills. 

Maybe that's why being a beginner at something can be frustrating  There are so many new things to learn and there is no base of skills to carry a person along through the rough times.  Ever try roller skating?  Talk about a painful learning curve without many good times..

Anyway, I'm not quitting painting.  I just finished a 24x30 figure and am working on a similar sized landscape......but I'm trying new things and getting frustrated.  Rest easy.  I'll be back...


  1. Glad your not giving up Darrell! Going through a frisbee rut myself right now...Looking forward to seeing what you do when you break through bro!


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