Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ran's Beach Chairs, 8x10

Post # 3 in the painting give-away.

We had a great two plein air workshop days with lots of enthusiasm and very solid paintings being produced by everyone.  We used gouache, oil and acrylic....and they all were nice.  The second day I also did a couple in between wandering around and sharing what changes I could suggest.  If there was a common lesson it was 'simplify'....which I often have to remind myself.....because there is so much we see that it is tempting to do it all.

The second day we were out near the end of the sandspit at Randy's little home they call the 'Playhouse'....on one side is the lagoon and just a few feet away on the other is Puget Sound where these chairs sit.  An idyllic place.

I had the most interesting experience.  The sun was so bright (well, to someone in the Northwest) that the white paint looked like dirty purple.  Even fresh from the tube it seemed to have a purplish color mixed into it.  One more plein air challenge.

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  1. Beautiful, I can almost feel the sun.....there's a wonderful summer day inside your painting. If I could walk in and sit down, I would. Thank you for the painting tip, simplify. Another important word to add to my list.....squint, compare and simplify.

  2. What a great painting! I'd love to win this one, although any painting by you would be great. This one speaks 'summer' to me!!!

  3. Wow! So saturated with beautiful light! Very inviting! Nice job Darrell!

  4. A really lovely painting. With so much blue and green, it still manages to radiate warmth. I love those yellow brushstrokes on the ground - your talent - the strokes themselves look so carelessly slapped on, but in the context of the image, they are perfectly placed and realistic.

  5. Looks like a wonderful spot to sit! Right in the warm sun! Love it!

  6. Beautiful place and colors. As always, love the light and warmth of this beautiful summer day!


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