Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roslyn On Edge, 14x18

Part of the charm of Roslyn, WA is that not every thing is perfectly square, perpendicular, level or entirely secure in its footing.  Roslyn is an old town, by western standards, and a recent coal mining community with many of the company buildings, houses, and downtown still around.  Residents are fixing it up but some have the good sense to let the precarious and picturesque remain.

Two of us have a show opening there on June 30th.  Catherine Gill, talented and well known artist in many different media, and I are each hanging 10 pieces we have done in the last year in and around Roslyn.  Cathe is showing her exquisite watercolors (see the book by she and Beth Means, Powerful Watercolor Landscapes) and I've got some large and small oils, all plein air.

"Palette of a Village, a plein air perspective of Roslyn"  will open on June 30th from 3 until 8 and there will be an artist's reception and book signing on July 14th, 4 to 6.  Cathe and I will both have our books there.

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  1. Great color as usual! I love the diagonals and simple shapes.

    Good luck with your show Darrell! Ann and I will try and make it...Roslyn is a great little town!


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