Thursday, August 29, 2013

'B'day on the Swan'. 12x14

'Earthday on the Swan' 12x14, oil

I spent my birthday afternoon.....

.....painting on the Swan River in Bigfork, Montana.  It was a nice way to spend the day.    This one needed some tweaking when I got it home as I hadn't gotten the darks quite the value but I think it reads OK now.

I sat in this same spot back in 2001 and painted the willows you see in the upper left hand corner....although it is now 'willow' as its partner is the deadhead angling out into the water.  Here is that painting for comparison.  Judging by the color it looks as if the older one was painted early in September and later in the day.... but I really don't remember.   A larger piece, 16x18 I think, that flowed with more ease onto the canvas.  Some of those logs look like they are still there...

'Willow Run', 16x18, oil

I still ponder what happens when we get in creative slumps.  I know two things: 1) keep painting (or whatever it is you do) and work through it, and 2) something better will happen eventually.   Don't stop.


  1. Nice way to spend your birthday! Happy birthday, BTW!..=] Both nice paintings! Very interesting to see them a year apart in the same location. ....Oh and ya, I agree....Never Give Up!!


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