Saturday, April 25, 2015

Morning Sketches

I needed stimulants..... headed for the kitchen and the ground coffee.  Coming down the stairs this scene hit me.  At least something like it hit me because I'm sure my visual memory and the few notes on a piece of paper are off...but you might get the feeling of what it was.   Like most sunrises, it didn't last more than two or three minutes.  The photo I snapped was worthless for painting so I ignored it.

That bluish stripe was really there but my eyes couldn't see a lot unless I moved so that a tree blocked the sun enough that I could register the color.  Not likely a great sunrise painting but it was a fun sketch.  I think it has a hint of that Tommy Thompson flair about it.....unintentionally....but, hey, if I can get in the ball park.....

Tommy Thompson, Canadian Painter

Burnt Carmine, Transparent Red Oxide, Burnt Sienna,  Cad Orange, Yellow and Red, and the usual host of blues.  I'm hoping that when I look at this in a year I will know what I should have done, but then I'll wish I hadn't posted it.

Thanks for looking.


  1. No way, I'm very glad you posted it, I love it.

  2. I smiled when I saw this one Darrell. Very ethereal...perfect!

  3. So glad you posted this and froze a moment in time for all to enjoy!

  4. Just glancing at this I thought of Tom Thompson. Love his book, The Silence And The Storm. Also love this painting and all your work actually. Blueskies~ Pat Meras

  5. Thanks for the great comments, Everyone! I almost didn't post this because I was so unsure about it...still am. Can't judge my own work until about a year goes by.


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