Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harbor Evening 12x12

'Life' seems to continually intrude on my painting time. The days go by and I realize it has been a week since I touched a brush...maybe longer. Arrgh.

Yesterday, frustration overcame procrastination. It was 6:45 in the evening, the light was beginning to wane and I had to go paint or spend a sleepless night. So I grabbed my gear, drove several miles to this spot and began throwing on paint. Staring into the sun meant painting from intuition almost more than what I could see, yet I began liking what was happening. The brushwork had energy and spontaneity.

By 8:10 I was back home with this piece, proving to myself once again that plein aire painting doesn't have to be a big deal. Just get out and do it. I like it as a study that could perhaps go larger one day.

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  1. with the creation of this lovely piece, I'll bet the dreams were sweet. thanks for the reminder:
    "just do it"


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