Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Vest, 16x20

Assuming you've read the previous blogs, try squinting at this one and follow the shadow down the back of his hat, under the brim, down his hair and under his collar and sleeve. That's what I blocked in with a warm neutral color. I added alizarin crimson to this palette because of the reds in the jacket and, five hues, flat brushes and a little Galkyd Lite mixed with Gamsol for medium. Again, no pre-drawing; all the 'drawing' happened as the painting progressed. About three hours. I'll post one more portrait painting done like this and then perhaps a conte also with no 'predrawing'.

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  1. A line of warm neutral color. I like that thought.

    No pre-drawing, eh? Sounds like an interesting challenge. But I'll bet that my try will come out looking like a caricature! But, that's ok. A caricature would be fine. I'll try it!


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