Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter demo 20x24

So long since I've blogged...it has been a very busy six weeks.

This is the demo I did for my intermediate painting class.  After I was finished we critiqued it.  I made the changes we felt would improve the piece in about five minutes and they worked.  I moved the peak of the cloth from behind the green decanter so they didn't line up, better anchored the foremost plum to the table cloth and placed some highlights on the coffee pot.  Small additions, really, but they all helped the piece flow.   Thanks for the suggestions.

Notice how everything has a light and shadow side, from the still life as a whole to the combination of pot and bouquet and down to each flower....and each has to fit into the value of the area it's in.  The shadowed flowers, for example, have lighter and darker areas but they stay within the context of where they are placed in the overall arrangement.  It's the gestalt of the thing.

Tomorrow I'll post the value drawing and color comp I did prior to painting the demo.

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