Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beached Buoy, 11x14

painting of steel buoy in the sand

Last Chance to Enter the Painting Giveaway!  Make a comment on the blog, by sending me an email or on Facebook.  You have nothing to lose....and I feel more connected when I read your comments.

OK.  One oil and one acrylic....I'm sure you can tell the difference.  These weren't supposed to be the final paintings but time was running out for me as I'm getting ready for some extended painting and travel.  Stay tuned.

Painting is such fun.  I've given up trying to figure out what people like and now I just paint what appeals to me.  Predicting what catches my eye enough to paint is impossible.  I wouldn't have thought that either of these paintings would be things I'd do....but here they are.  It's the unpredictability that is part of the fun.

A madronne tree growing along the harbour.
"Harbor Walk", 8x10

That's it.  End of the Contest.  I'll be compiling the names and drawing a winner in the next couple of days.  There will now be a Winner and Another Winner.....Two!  Can't wait....


  1. How did I miss this deal? I've been a fan of your work since I found it and I would be fired up to own any piece! Wish me luck.

  2. it was nice to see your class at the head of the bay, it was also great to see everyones intrepreations of whatever scene they saw however they saw it, that is part of the joy of it all/chuck

  3. OK what if I can't tell which is oil and which is acrylic? I like both. The Bouy is more muted in color and strokes. Harbor Walk has more crispness in color and strokes - so maybe that one is acrylic??

  4. I love how the most unassuming and unexpected subjects can make the best painting! Good for you Darrell! Paint what catches your eye ....It has payed off here!

    Looking forward to meeting you in the Bitterroot !

  5. Beached buoy - what a great painting! Unlikely subject that turned out to be great!

  6. I can feel the sunshine in each painting. Beautiful work Darrell. It has been fun checking in to see what your working on these past few weeks. It's inspiring me to.... GO PAINT! Now you've got us wondering where your traveling to and if you'll be posting your paintings...hmmmmmm......I wonder..

  7. I can't tell which is acrylic or oil either......I like Harbor Walk best......especially the dappled light on the path. I painted near the water today is the most enjoyable thing to do.

    I won the painting last time and love it.....if you'd like to leave my name out of this drawing - I understand.


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