Monday, July 12, 2010

Working Dock, 11 x 14

This last weekend it was time again for both the marker drawing and plein air workshops.  To make sure I hadn't forgotten how to paint .... and to find a good spot for a demo ... on Friday I did this one of the ferry repair yard.  It was another of my block in, don't draw paintings.  The dock, the shadowed water and the opposite shore and trees were all painted as a mass with a reddish hue which you can see peeking out in several spots.  I was helped out by a six year old who added, with some help, a few of the strokes in the shoreline.  He and his grandmother were visiting from Oklahoma and asked if it was always so sunny in Seattle.  Snicker, snicker... a week ago we were still wearing our woolies.

Tomorrow and the next day I'll post some photos from the workshops.

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