Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ragland Sunset, 20x24

Windjammer.  Just the name is cool.  It carries with it a spirit of adventure, history, far-away places, grace and power.  Why didn't my parents name me that?

In case you missed it in the last post, this is Neil Young's boat.  I think I saw him under the tarp waving at me.  Either it was him or a seagull.

Painting larger pieces on location is so energizing.  If it weren't for all the heavy equipment to haul for half a mile, I'd do it all the time.  The amazing thing is this took only fifteen minutes longer than the 11x14 of a few days ago.....just used a larger brush.  I like the way this turned out....but if I did it again I would....

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  1. Never tried one this big in the field! Great painting Darrell! It's got a freshness that I love in a plein air painting.


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