Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awaiting High Tide, 11x14

Heading out on a Costco run I made it less than a mile before having to stop and paint.  I came around a corner and there it was.  All I had to do was walk two blocks down the beach in mud and seaweed, set up my gear and proceed to drop paper towels, paint and brushes in the muck.  It was a great time.

An hour later I was off to shop with wet muddy feet, but also a good feeling of having painted.  Even when I bomb it feels better than not having done it.....(maybe just a little better).

Here is a link to a Seattle sketcher and artist, Gabi Capanario....and a video about him.   Because the scenes he draws are so familiar (well, if you live in Seattle) it is extra fun to see what he did with them.  There is a lot to look at here and even a Google map link to several of the places he drew and you can see the actual scenes.

I'll try to get another post in before leaving for Maine....

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  1. No bomb here Darrell! This is a beauty! Can't wait to see your Maine stuff!


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