Friday, October 8, 2010

Eagle Harbor Demo, 11x14

Last Friday, as part of the monthly Art Walk, booths were set up down by the harbor where they served food, wine, had a great band and local organizations promoted their offerings.  Oil and Water Art Supply  asked me to do a demo for the event.

I like doing demos.  People come by and talk, little kids want to paint on my canvas (I usually let them) and I get to go home with a satisfied tired.  Works for me.

Hoping for a beautiful sunset, wind and clouds arrived instead.   So at five I began this and quit when the fading light through the clouds meant I could no longer see what color I was using....about 6:30.  At first I had no idea how to resolve all those boats....or at least make it look like they were resolved.  There must be forty or fifty of them out there.  The answer to my problem?  Paint what you see.  Notice in this little slice how very abstract they really are.  Just little bits of carefully placed paint and color...

And just so you can enjoy the experience of plein air painting I need to tell you that barely into the piece someone pulled a bright red speed boat into that empty slip, completely blocking much of the lower third of the scene and reflecting new nuances of color.   As if fading light, changing tides, people walking around me and strong winds weren't enough.... 

By the way,  I begin teaching again this month.  If you would like to join us for a fun class in either painting (oil, acrylic or gouache) or marker drawing check out the Oil and Water website or give them a call.

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  1. It's great to see the finished painting. I was wondering how in the world you would be able to finish it given the shortness of daylight. beautiful!


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