Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Montana Plein Aire, 8x10 and 11x14

Two weeks ago I made a whirlwind trip to Montana to close up the cabin but spent most of the time south of Missoula painting with Bob Phinney.  On a dream of a Fall day we found these red farm buildings and had to stop.  I've been advised to never paint red barns because they are such a cliche', but I think it's how you paint something rather than what's being painted.   'Bitterroot Barn', 11x14.

There was just time before driving back to Seattle for another quick one and 'Downstream' 8x10,  sort of popped out of my brush on a cloudy rainy day where I had to shield the canvas to keep it dry.  I enjoy painting water, trying to simplify the complexity of reflections, foam and splash and find ways to make the color both real and interesting.

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