Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is a Beach, 12x15

Did you know that it rains in Seattle?  My friend Gillian, desperate for a hint of sun, set up a beach scene for our Thursday painting group to work from....indoors, of course.  She turned it into an outdoor scene but, since I'm somewhat of a slave to reality, I painted what I saw.  Ah, the 'tyranny of reality' as Robert Genn would say.  For you painters, this was done without any line drawing....only the dark or shadow shapes were blocked in quickly and then I began with color.

Before doing the piece I sketched two with markers.  Here is one of them using warm gray markers:

If you compare the two you'll notice that in the painting I increased the distance from front to back to give it a more spacious feeling.  The drawing was only carried to a stage where I knew where I was going with the painting.

The marker workshop is this weekend so I'll post some of the folks drawing next time.

Remember to enter for the free painting.  Go to my actual blog (click HERE) to find out more....look at the last two posts.

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