Monday, March 14, 2011

Gouache is Not Hungarian Hotdish Revisited

The gouache workshop was a great success, although at the end I was completely 'bushed'.  Despite a hectic pace we all survived and put out some fine work.

Here are two of the demos I did for the class.  The first is on toned paper and relies on the opaque qualities of the medium.  The paper combines with the paint and shows through in places, but most of the piece is thick paint that obscures the paper.

This quick second demo only has a few opaque parts with the majority of the white paper glowing through, relying on the the ability of gouache to look and work like watercolor.  Well, it actually is watercolor.

The first exercise was to learn about the paint by playing on toned paper using three primary related colors.  Exciting and colorful results were generated and all were such different expressions reminding me of how uniquely we all see and experience the world.

And here they are playing intensely in an exercise I call 'Interior Landscape".

This group got me re-enthused to not only paint more in gouache but to have another workshop.  It's so much fun to have had a room full of artists willing to try whatever I threw at them....and actually look like they were enjoying themselves.

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