Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Chandlery, 8x10

Painting in Montana hasn't worked out quite the way I planned so I'm posting this one from a year and a half or so ago.  The setting sun cast a warm glow over the front of the boat supply store down by the wharf and I actually sat on the curb with my legs stretched out, pochade in my lap,  to paint it.

It is water soluble oils on Bainbridge board coated with three coats of gesso each side.  Then I make a slurry out of some sort of blue and red with traditional thinner and tone the board and let it dry in advance of painting.  This is done to 20x30 inch sheets which are then cut up.  You can see this color showing through and becoming part of the sky.  I use water only to clean my brushes, then wipe them out well.  Water soluble linseed oil is the thinner and the board does a nice job of soaking up the extra oil so subsequent paint layers can easily go on top.

Great for fast sketches, I've done twenty and forty minute nudes with it and liked the results.....also light and easy for travel or painting those coffee drinkers in your favorite bistro.


  1. I love the assortment of colors, they remind me of Life Savers.

  2. Wonderful work. Glad you repurposed the painting. For your fans.


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