Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deb's Old Apple, 10x12

There was something so peaceful standing amongst these old old apple trees.   They have been here longer than any of us have been alive, supplying the ingredients for many pies, cobblers, sauces and good eating to probably hundreds of people who have lived in the area.

Reflections on the wet paint throws off the color and values in a couple areas, but I think you can get the idea well enough.  It was a subtle value and color situation that left me muttering under my breath through most of the hour and a half to paint it.  Capturing the character of the tree was akin to doing a portrait and, like something out of a Tolkien book, it seemed as if it could pull itself from the ground and start moving at any time.  A dancer, I think.


  1. love this one!! The tree's personality truly shines through and the color palette is lovely!

  2. it is wonderful/the blog is a true inspiration to all of us /keep painting it keeps me inspired/chuck

  3. Thank you for letting me see these wonderful old trees from your artistic vision. It feels like this old tree spirit is dancing in the light.


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