Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old Friends, 10x12

Retired trucks.....but still ready for action if you need them.  I'm never quite sure why old things hold such attraction but would guess it has to do with all the history they contain.  Like the abandoned apple tree from a couple of posts ago, it's easy to imagine the excitement when that green International was first driven down the driveway.  I used to have an International just like this one, except that it was grey.....and rust.  I think I bought it for $90.

See.  History.

This was the most difficult of the 'no-draw' subjects.  Keeping the angles, perspective, relationship to each other and design placement going was a mental gymnastic.  I'm glad it turned out.


  1. Might as well stick with "no draw" method. Looks fantastic.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! Really a great piece, Darrell! The cars seem to definately be relating to each other! One of Garys and my new personal favorites!


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