Thursday, May 17, 2012

Studio Spring, 10x12

Spring is too short.  Summer is slightly better but still doesn't last long enough.  In fact, the whole thing is just too short.  How are we expected to get even a decent amount packed into a brief lifetime? 

There was a time when I wanted to be a symphony orchestra.  Often I would get corrected by folks saying, 'You mean you want to be the conductor'.  No.  I wanted to be the whole symphony.  Who can listen to Pictures at an Exhibition and not want to be the whole orchestra?  (You pick your own piece...that's just one of mine.....and I actually still want to be the whole orchestra.)

Anyway.  So many flowers, so much vibrant sun, so many carefree days.  Too short.

I wish this were my studio but it belongs to Debbie and Gary and they were kind enough to let me paint their flowers on a perfect Spring day. 


  1. This one makes me happy. And, I love you comments. It would be wonderful to be an orchestra. I'd love to just be able to play one instrument well.....or better still, sing beautifully.

  2. We love this painting! We loved the perfect Spring day. We love good friends!

    To more of the above!
    Deb and Gary

  3. I love this painting...
    Good luck with your show in Roslyn on the 30th Darrell!


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