Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Port Gamble Ferry, 14x18

Actually there is no longer a Port Gamble Ferry and I don't even know if there ever was one, but I would assume so....and from the looks of it this would have been the adjustable ramp....for 1940's vehicles.  I sat in the car during off and on pouring rain to do this one.  Whacked out three that day and only scraped one.   Ah well.

I like the back lit effect of the structure and the many greyed colors it took to represent it.

For those of you who actually read this blog you will be rewarded by finding out that I'm going to have another painting give-away.  There will be six posts, beginning with this one, and for every comment you make you will gain another chance to win.  One of the paintings I'll be posting will be the prize but I won't let you know until the end which one it is.  Should you have difficulty posting (some do) you can just send a comment to me via email.  The address is HERE.

Good Luck.


  1. fabulous grays in this one! I love these old structures... they are such fun to paint with all the abstract lines and shapes.

  2. Test, i have had trouble posting, so seeing if this works. :) Hi Darrell...

  3. Here's my comment for entry 1!

    I could fill my house with your artistic vision and sense of color.

    I was reading some of the other posts in your blog and saw "The Changing".

    Oh, I loved that. The colors danced!

    How do you do that?

    Love your work, Deb

  4. Will try this once again every time I try to post it disappears . I REALLY enjoyed your. Ferry ramp post. Nice romantic look at the days gone by from that old ramp. Keep your brushes wet!

  5. Hi Darrell--loved finding you there in your van down by the water in Port Gamble in the rain--its been a long time! I so admire that you tackled this old landmark and what an amazing job you did of it!

  6. Nice!! I actually read your blog today.
    ~Diana Kingsley

  7. Nice painting of a familiar spot Darrell! I took an awesome photo of some eagles on the cross beam!

    Your great at simplifying complex subjects and getting the essence! Well done!

  8. Love it! Look, I found your blog with perfect timing! I wish I was in the area and could attend your workshop. I'm just getting started with plein air painting, and I'm kinda falling in love with it! Darrell your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  9. Hey, I know I commented on this one, too, but maybe by email. At any rate, we already discussed how this was probably a mosquito fleet ferry stopping by here. Whatever it is it's a great painting!


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