Monday, August 6, 2012

Heirloom Roses, 11x14

Painting Give-Away #4.  Make a comment to enter to win.

I've been driving past these roses for three weeks wanting to paint them.  Backlit by evening light they were a challenge that necessitated more than one use of the palette knife to erase what wasn't working. 

It was too easy to breakup the larger shapes with unnecessary detail....I felt like I was on a teeter-totter between too little and too much.   Finally I felt satisfied with this....and then wished I had used a larger canvas.  I like the result. 

The words of Bill Reese often ring through my head.  Giving a few of us a tour of his home and artwork he stopped in front of a large pastel of Mexican dancers.  He said that painting was the only painting of the thousands he must have painted that he wouldn't alter or change.  Those words allow me to end paintings when they feel finished rather than when they are perfect.  Someday I may paint that one piece that I won't want to change....but it hasn't happened yet.

Make a comment.  You never know.  I might just give away two.


  1. Beautiful use of color. Darrell ~ have I ever mentioned how much I love your color sense? Ok, maybe just a few times. Beautiful painting.

  2. When i was posting something on Kelsey's Facebook page I saw your Blog site and went on it. I knew from Kelsey that you were an artist but Had never seen your work till now. You are an amazing artist! I love the vibrant colors in your paintings. The nature in your work is very calming and peaceful. I look forward to following your blog and someday taking one of your workshops!
    Susan Johnson

  3. I love the cascade of colors and shapes.
    Question: are you sure these are roses? From your painting they look more like oleander - at least the leaves make it look that way.
    Question #2: Do you ever get bugs landing on your paintings when you paint outdoors?

  4. I also drive by scenes daily and think...oh, I'd live to paint that! Your roses are beautiful and they are my favorite flower. Very lovely work.

  5. You've captured the look of roses....shapes of shadows and light....without much detail. Inspiring. Love the colors!


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