Friday, February 1, 2013

Lowtide at the Fort, 10x12

Desperation made me do it.  How many days can I go without painting outdoors?  How much gray can one person stand....

So, since there was a break in the weather, I toddled off to Fort Ward to paint the beach and to find whatever color notes were hanging around waiting to be picked up.  Half way into this it once again began raining and becoming colder.... so the painting got looser and faster as I went.  It looks more like a spring early morning than a gray winter....but I got to paint outside.

My sister used to visit here from Minnesota.  After being here one December she vowed never to come back because she froze here more than Minneapolis at a minus 10.  She's been true to her word.  Must be the moisture.  Yes, I'm whining. 


  1. Great post! I love the honesty in words and your work.

  2. I like it! Your words are always as fun as your paintings. Cheers!

  3. You managed to fill a grey day with harmonious color!..This is a winner! You've inspired me!

    We're supposed to get a half day of sun today!...heading to PT for some winter attitude therapy....paint slapping and vitamin D...=]


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