Monday, March 18, 2013

Provence Time VI, 8x8

What is this urge we humans have to beautify our world?  From the ancient caves at Lascaux to the petroglyph decorated boulder at the north end of this island.....and to a doorway somewhere in the south of France, we seem to have a need to decorate.  Ourselves, our surroundings, our walls.  It's a nice urge.

Maybe that's a reason why we paint.  We're decorating. 

That....but I think more than that.  Color is certainly exciting.  I like using it to halt time to entice your eye so we both can see and share something for just an instant.  Our worlds connect.  When it works, our minds make a fleeting communication....and we know each other better.

But it's more than color alone.  Shapes and forms, values, mystery, belief, history, dignity, angst, edges and edginess all play a part in the depth of our communication....even in something as simple and direct as a pot of flowers on the steps of a very old home in Provence....placed there to decorate the world.


  1. The flowers pop from the dark shadow of the doorway!

    Thanks for your passion and effort to beautify our world with your art Darrell! This painting is a good example of your color filled perspective on life!

  2. I wonder...are we decorating? Sometimes. But sometimes I paint just to stop time. And shut myself up. It ends up in a box, not really enhancing anything. And beauty is also control, something we control, our own idea of what is pleasing. "I will paint that wall orange and hang it all." And those faboulus caves, well, the experts keep debating. But that person, man or woman, who drew the large cats with such beautiful line was decorating, but maybe more, too. Paying homage? Oh I don't know. Great subject.


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