Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beach Apple, 8x10

iFLOPS.  With this blog post I am suggesting we 'locals' start a new organization.  There's PAWA, the organization of Washington Plein Air Painters.  There's OPA, the Oil Painters of America....but no iFLOPS.......the Flat Light painters of Puget Sound.  I think I got an idea here.

These thoughts occurred to me late yesterday afternoon as I was standing in the rain painting this lovely little wild apple tree on the shore of Pleasant Beach.  Flat light has its challenges.  Flat light with drops rolling down into my eyes presents another.  BUT, after several years of driving past this little wonder I finally painted it.  It would have been so much better with a little sun.

I wonder how it got there.  Did an apple drift to shore....or did someone toss a core out the window as they drove by?  Did you know that you can't plant an apple seed and actually get the type of apple you planted?  They all revert to their wild state.....which was somewhere in Kazakstan.  All those Red Delicious, Braeburns, Cameos, and all the others came from grafted trees.

My goal is to educate.

By the way, the 'i' stands for 'idjut'.

(Update a few days later.  I've been informed that this is a plum....the apple is just down the beach....does this mean someone threw out their pit?     ....nah, flowering plum)


  1. Ha! I think all of us who live in Kitsap have joined your group by default! It will be nice when July comes and we finally get some sun!

    Nice little painting!! You achieved some lovely color despite the conditions! ....and gave us a little hope for spring!!..=]

  2. And here is what I like about flat light, as a flat light fan.(flf to you) More time to get a great design, nice local color with a titch of sky to add to the mix, more time to paint cause the one isn't chasing the light, more time to come up with the history of apples, and a painting that just might be different than 99 percent of all the other plein air pieces out there...So I do love Fairfield Portor, my one weakness. And you did good work.


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