Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Dressed, No Place to Go, 10 x 12

OK.  Last Mexico post.  I have more paintings but it's time to move on.  Maybe later.  Went out painting today with CG and have new ones to post.

One evening I wandered up to the roof after it had gotten cool enough and did this.....and tweaked it a bit the next night.  I sort of got fascinated with the palms and if we had some around here I think I would be out doing more.  So many colors.

So here is the real reason for this post.   There was this guy who showed up to trim the palms.  In this country there would be a crew of four, a boom truck and traffic cones.  In Mexico an old red Datsun pickup comes down the street.  He gets out his equipment....consisting of three yellow plastic ropes and a machete.  He loops the rope around the tree and begins to climb.  Here.  I took some pictures.

I'm taking the pictures from the roof.  Notice that little guy in the tree?  He's six feet tall.  He's hanging on with one hand.  Insurance?  Workers Comp?  Probably not.

And here you can see that yellow rope lightly looped around his waist and under his butt...sort of.  His feet are in the other loops and he seemed perfectly comfortable, even enjoying himself.  Wait!  I don't see the rope!  What the....??


  1. Nice job painting the palm. I love the warm spots you found. Nice edges, too. Hard to make the little buggers stand still though.
    In Hawaii the guys used to trim the trees this way. Times have changed, but I still have a scar from a falling frond. You really want to see the tree trimmers at work! Particularly when you have the coconuts to contend with.

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  3. Just got back from Florida, amazing how many varieties of palms there are! You did a great job rendering this beauty!..and I like the marching row of distant ones too...

    Tried climbing a palm in the Philippines to show off...ended up looking pretty foolish....that's not as easy as it looks!!


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