Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the Sunny Side, 10 x 12

In the drawing below you can just see....way over to the left....something that resembles a bush with a wall behind it and a jog in the curb.  It's titled 'Waiting for the Locksmith', which may tell you something about what I was doing while I did the drawing.  There is a story there....I'll never tell.

The next morning, while my friends Mic and Truman were busy painting a glorious beach scene, I walked back to the shade on the street.  This was fun to paint; simple, direct.  I tried to get all those lines...curb, pole, wall, weeds, gently converge on the bush.

The marker drawing was just an exploration of shapes and overlapping form.  Other than the truck, I did it with no real focal point in mind.  It was just a desire to play with the pens but it probably led to the painting on some level.

That also brings up my Marker Workshop to be held on April 20th.  Contact Winslow Art Center for details and to sign up.  It's a fun event.

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