Monday, April 8, 2013

Alamos Nights, 10 x 12

Night painting is such a different experience....because of low light levels I'm never sure what I've put on the panel until the next day when all is revealed in the light of it or not.  Here are two that made it without being scraped.

The doorways were a challenge.  The bluish tones on the right were jarring next to the orange hues on the left.  I had to find a way to weave the colors together so they maintained their identity but still flowed into one another making a whole.  Without that it would have ended up as two paintings on one panel.

'Cathedral at Eleven, 10x12' was a case of blind faith.....quite fitting in front of a church.  My palette was completely dark.  I was picking paint from just remembering where it was on the palette.  Occasionally I shone a small LED light on the panel but it distorted the color and wasn't much help.

This painting could use some more work but I want to keep it the way it is, mostly as a memory of that night and the power of painting by the seat of the pants......or faith.  Your pick.  Besides, I like the strokes.


  1. Pretty nice for painting blindly! It doesn't need any more work.

  2. I love the top one. I can almost feel the mix of warmth and cool.


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