Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning at Treehouse Point, 22 x 28

Treehouse Point I don't remember how many treehouses are on this acreage next to the Raging River, but they are all different and all are 15 to 20 off the ground, gently swaying in the breezes.  You can rent them out or host an event in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  A totally unique place.

So when Cathe says, 'let's go to the Raging to paint' I'm all in and have never been disappointed.  She has weather juju so, even though rain is forecast, it never seems to come through and we have a totally pleasant day.  Find a painting buddy that can do that and stick with them.

I remember spending the day in consternation because I didn't think my 'grays' were  good and there was too much color.....and yet I still like what happened on the canvas.  Like Popeye says, 'I yam what I yam.'  Color is my friend.  This is a larger piece from the original 11x14.

And here is a free plug for Treehouse Point.  Go HERE to see what they have built.  Very unique and playful.


  1. I think this painting is beautiful. Color is your friend...don't go changing. You see with your heart and you paint what you see.

  2. Sounds like a good spot to spend a beautiful day in! plus a bonus....a stunning painting!


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