Friday, June 28, 2013

Gouache Portraits, 6x8 (about)

The Bainbridge Art Museum....

.....hosted a free modeling session yesterday so I grabbed my gouache and went, creating these two relatively quick studies.  Thirty and sixty minutes respectively.  I love gouache.....especially on a toned paper.  I can play with color all I want and it generally forgives me.


James Gurney has a video he did at the Monterrey Plein Air event from about a month ago in which he paints the painters.  He does a beautiful job catching the feeling of the moment.  Nice to see real skill.   It's worth your time to watch and see how simply he conceived this:


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  1. Looks like the first one warmed you up for the second...Great job on modeling the varied flesh tones and the pattern in his shirt!

    Gurney makes it look easy and I know it's not but the water based opaques look like a fun medium to try!


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