Friday, July 5, 2013

Astilbe Garden, 9 x 12

Snoozing on the couch after the festivities of July 4th....

.....visions of unpainted paintings woke me up.  Really happened.  Grabbing my paint kit I headed to the front garden and found a group of astilbe beginning to catch a bit of afternoon light.  An hour later this painting emerged and I was glad I hadn't spent the time on the couch. 

I have to admit that I was still a bit in that dream stage when I painted it, proving again that I'm just as competent when half asleep.

Hope you all in the U.S. had a great holiday.....and that those in other countries were pleased not to have fireworks until one in the morning.  More gun powder was used just in our neighborhood than in all of the Revolutionary War.....  OK.  Maybe not the whole war.

This was the same limited palette of three colors as in the last post.

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