Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boathouses, 10 x 12

After Tim Deibler arrived in town....

....there were a couple of days before his workshop so I dragged him out painting.  'Drag' may not be the best word because after I mentioned it he was anxious to leave at 7 in the morning.  I picked him up at nine.....I'm a far more dedicated painter with more sleep.

I called Rob Weiss and off we went to the harbor where we all whacked out two or three paintings before Tim left on the ferry to tour the Seattle sights.

The week before I had ordered a few RGH paint samples to try out, which is what I used in this piece.  For the most part I was satisfied but their Cad Yellow Light is more like a Cad Lemon, which you can see in the clouds.  I'm intrigued enough to give them a call this next week to see what they offer that would be closer in hue.  RGH is used by many painters but two I know of are Stapleton Kearns and Ovanes Berberian.

Well, that's painter talk so for the rest of you:  I'm/We are off to Montana next week for some vacation, back for a couple of weeks and then I leave for two weeks of painting in Maine.  Can't wait to go both places.  I'll post again as I get an opportunity.



  1. This is a great little painting Darrell! I never got the chance to see it since I wandered off down the beach to try another view...

    Sure glad I got the chance to paint with you guys in between all of our busy summer painting trips!! Thanks for calling me!

    I'm running about three weeks behind right now but will be posting my paintings from the day soon....

    Safe travels my friend and happy painting!

  2. Love the natural painting.Peaceful.


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