Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Express, 15 x 18

Racing the sunset.....

....I sped past artist Rob Weiss's home (sorry Rob, no time to stop) hoping to have enough time to paint the Kingston Express in the setting sun.  I knew it would be just a quick study but had to give it a try.  The variety of reds in the boat and reflecting on the water were so enticing.

This is the same limited palette from the last few ultramarine blue.

Here is an early view.  You can notice that what was, in color terms, blown out by the sun slowly turned hue becoming more orange and yellow over the course of 90 minutes.

I think there is enough here to return with a larger canvas, change the composition a bit and see where it will go.   


  1. Ha! I forgive you for not taking me with you! Besides I was in Edmonds painting the ferry boat in the setting sun!
    This is a real beauty! ...and a Winner! Hope you enter it in a competition......just not one I'm in!.
    Love the popping color and the reflections! Your interpretation takes an ordinary scene and adds feeling and magic! Why we love to paint! Well done!


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