Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drydocked, 16x20

I posted this last night on FB.....

.....but forgot to do it here.  It was painted late afternoon and I hope I caught the raking light a bit.  So many paintings I like but would also like to do them over again because each one gives me new ideas   I'd like to do this one over.

I like the variations in color on the hull below the water line and, if you can't tell, I was caught up in that blue barrel.  This is actually a 'blue barrel' painting with the rest just setting the backdrop.......OK.  I'm lying.  But I really do like that barrel.  Gives this thing some depth.

So if I did it over what would be different?  I think this is a 24x30 painting done on a 16x20 canvas.  Bigger canvas is what I'd change so I could recompose it.  There was so much more there that was interesting that would have made this better with some more room.  Yes, if I had painted smaller I could have gotten it all in but I would have lost that brush swinging energy that's so much fun to do. 

I may have to go back to Maine.


  1. This is such a cute and very unique idea!

  2. Hey Darrell, yes, you have to come back to Maine! I just painted at this boat stand. Love this, yours is better.


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