Friday, April 4, 2014

A Safe Rest, 18x20

Envy.... on my mind and in my heart.  Ever since I realized the Plein Air Convention was in progress down in California I've been wishing I were there.  Not enough, however, to actually spend the time and money to go to it.  But the desire is building.  Maybe next year.

The scene is the California coast near the convention area so at least I'm there in spirit.  This is from another photo lent to me by Tim Deibler and used to create the painting.  Lots of interpretation going on here.  I think I'm making some progress on this paint from photos thing.  Still, I'd rather be there, standing on those rocks.

Here is another one from photo.  It was a quick 30 minute one and, since I'll be gone a week, maybe the last posted until I get back.  Remember that Spring Training for Painters begins on the 15th.

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