Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'Net Shed'

The Historic Net Sheds....

......of Gig Harbor were unknown to me until last night.  Scheduled to do a Marker Drawing presentation for the Peninsula Art League I had just enough time before to spin down to the harbor and do a drawing of one.  There are seventeen of these interesting structures and most are still in use.

Working harbors are rare in this area, so this one has me excited to return with some paint and canvas to explore the area.  Usually I have to travel out of state to find this sort of thing.  If any of you know of working harbors in the area I've missed, let me know.

The Peninsula Art League members are gracious hosts.  They evidently have art demonstrations regularly at their meetings and it's open to the public.  Last month they had Ned Mueller.

My next Sketching With Valued Markers Workshop is on May 24th at the Winslow Art Center.  Find out more HERE.  Take the one day workshop and get up to speed for some good summer sketching.

Plans for the Italy Drawing and Painting Workshop continue to evolve and you can sign up or get more info HEREMontisi is a small, undiscovered by the tour buses, Tuscany hill town with a strong artistic community.  Good food, good company, drawing and painting sources galore.....I'm looking forward to taking a small group there.

Go do a drawing....send me a picture!

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